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Episode 101 – Simulation Broken

Warning: Black pill ahead. Join the lament today with Bobby and Jordan as they take a tour of current events and entertain wild ideas. Although this episode is bleak towards the middle and at the beginning and end, there are many fun moments of reflection as they ride the roller coaster of emotions so common today.

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Referenced in the Podcast

From Listener TBM: “Since you mentioned Neil Gaiman, remember his contribution to the Marvel Cosmos, in which the most high god is also named “the cosmic jailer” and his top henchman is named ‘logos'” … TBM’s short write up on this inverted cosmological story can be found here.


  1. TBM
    TBM November 15, 2022

    Why did the GOP lose?

    A parable I give unto you, perhaps my entry in the contest:

    The Republican Party is like unto a man, who brought home a crazy woman from the bar and enjoyed her company for a night. The woman became with child, and the child was neither devoured nor driven into the wilderness, but instead needed her consent for every decision he made thereafter.

  2. TBM
    TBM November 15, 2022

    Bankman-Fried is a very real person with a real name: His parents, Bankman and Fried, are Stanford law professors. His girl Caroline Ellison, her dad Glenn Ellison is head of the Econ dep’t at MIT.

  3. TBM
    TBM November 15, 2022

    So about Neil Gaiman…he wrote the basis for Marvel’s Eternals in a 2016-17 comics, dubbed the Eternity War, in which the big baddie is known as “The First Firmament”: the original self-existent being in the cosmos. El Elyon Himself. Also called “the cosmic jailer”

    His top henchman goes by the name of Logos.

    Gaiman knows some esoteric things it seems.

    • Jordan
      Jordan November 15, 2022

      We copied in a link to the PDF you sent briefly detailing the inverted cosmological story. (above)

  4. I+play+the+radio
    I+play+the+radio November 15, 2022

    “That’s why we wear pants?”
    “Unscrew this”

  5. TBM
    TBM November 15, 2022

    Conspiracy time:

    Trump is the Democrats’ version of the Germans putting Lenin in a sealed boxcar and sending him to St. Petersburg.

    • Whitaker
      Whitaker November 16, 2022

      Could be. But it looks like DeSantis is going to be his replacement. That’s why he’s been lashing out at him.

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