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Episode 102 – Dateline Thanksgiving

Newsflash: CBS News has discovered the Hunter Biden laptop story. And Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Join in today as Bobby and Jordan cover current events and opine on freedom of speech, on the origins of Thanksgiving… and other interesting stuff.

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  1. TBM
    TBM November 22, 2022

    >The Republican Party is like unto a man, who brought home a crazy woman from the bar and enjoyed her company for a night. The woman became with child, and the child was neither devoured nor driven into the wilderness, but instead needed her consent for every decision he made thereafter.

    The woman is Trump. It was fun watching him own the libs for a while, but now the GOP is stuck with him. Any candidate they run needs his blessing, which means they need to kiss his ring, even if doing so will make it harder to beat the democrat opponent.

    The child, I guess, is the Trumpist voting bloc who will stay home if Trump tells them to. The GOP will be paying him child support for a long time.

    The dems donated real $$ to help these Trumpist candidates win primary elections against more electable candidates.

    Lenin in a sealed boxcar.

  2. Pepé Le Pew
    Pepé Le Pew November 23, 2022

    Okay…about the story…I’m taking a shot with this. Not sure how it will end…

    Cold foggy evening at a chateau in rural Mexicamarica. A man talking on a satellite phone. Easing a distress voice over the phone. He mentions it will all right, he doesn’t know a time frame to the other person in line. A knock at the door. He hangs up the phone. A package has arrived. Not for him! He yells about the presence of a package. At the end of the hallway a man is finishing texturing a wall. His clothes indicates that he’s been doing it for a while. He picked up his package and argues with his colleague about time frame. They can’t agree!
    In town, an old man looks through an outdated newspaper. He breezes through the missing person page. An unknown car with pulls into town. Drives around. One person in the car. The driver is not from around. He goes around making inquiries.
    In the local restaurant, a pretty woman is making food for two. She smiles as she puts the meals in the plastic bag. She tells the delivery boy to take it to chateau in the outskirts of town. He rides away in a moped.
    Back at the chateau, the man is now smoking outside. His colleague continues working on the walls whistling along….

  3. Kenny
    Kenny November 25, 2022

    I love the Fauci singing. I have been thinking about a fuller version for Bobby to sing:
    Last Christmas, I gave you the shot,
    But the very next day, you developed a clot,
    This year, to save you from sniffles,
    Six boosters will be something special.

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