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Episode 104 – What Tweet?

FUD (fear uncertainty doubt), obfuscation, omission and general ambiguous uncuriosity prevail this week as no one in the corporate legacy press is courageous enough to speak about the OBVIOUS and DOCUMENTED collusion between statist operatives, federal agents and corporate media shills relative to the suppression of the brazen corruption of the (now) ruling regime that was uncovered in October of 2022 on what is known as the Hunter Biden laptop. Bobby and Jordan completely omit any mention of this as they discuss how nothing really interesting is going on in the world today.

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  1. I Play the Radio
    I Play the Radio December 7, 2022

    “I thought it was because the listeners love us.”
    “Beehive? Where have we seen that before?”

  2. Pepe LePew
    Pepe LePew December 12, 2022

    While writing Act 1 I thought that my main protagonists are Ryan Reynolds as the nervous and paranoid character while Hugh Jackman was the carefree colleague. I will now give them names, so we don’t get lost in the story…

    Hugh is in town. He is at the local diner, and we see him jovially chatting with the same woman that prepared and sent his meals.  She is receptive to his words and smiles when he does.  Hugh leaves the diner and bumps into the stranger that has been inquiring about missing persons. They don’t seem to know each other. The stranger asks Hugh about those missing persons, and he responds calmly that he isn’t aware of missing persons or descriptions given. They politely depart. The stranger sees Hugh walking away looking at Hugh as if he is not sure that his questions was answer as he would have like it.

    Hugh walks into the warehouse store. He buys paint and brushes. He hops into his old pick-up truck and drives away from town.

    Its 2 am at the chateau. Ryan and Hugh are sound sleep. Strange noises are heard, and Ryan and Hugh abruptly wake up. They grab a baseball bat and a crowbar.  It’s dark outside. They grab a flashlight and slowly head out towards the shed where all that noise is coming from. The door is cracked open. They open the door, and a coyote comes out running away from the shed and chateau. Ryan and Hugh breathed a sight of relief.  As they head back into the house Ryan noticed wet paint on Hugh’s shirt. I guessed he leaned on the wall he has been working on.

    In town, the stranger is at motel giving updates to his boss. He is frustrated that he hasn’t gotten far on his search. He requests more hands to help with the search.  The lights in his room go off…

     I’ll have it done by the end of the month. Maybe 2 more short acts. Excuse my grammar and spelling. Once it makes it to a movie, it will be revised. 😉

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