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Episode 105 – Sweet Little Lies

If you like movies and talking about movies and talking about current events, then this podcast episode is for you. Uncharacteristically, our hosts, Bobby and Jordan, discuss both, extensively, on today’s show.

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  1. TBM
    TBM December 13, 2022

    Don’t make me tap the sign…

    Satan’s masterpiece of counterfeiting is the doctrine that there are only two choices, and he will show us what they are. It is true that there are only two ways, but by pointing us the way he wants us to take and then showing us a fork in that road, he convinces us that we are making the vital choice, when actually we are choosing between branches in his road. Which one we take makes little difference to him, for both lead to destruction.

    This is the polarization we find in our world today. Thus we have the choice between Shiz and Coriantumr—which all Jaredites were obliged to make. We have the choice between the wicked Lamanites (and they were that) and the equally wicked (Mormon says “more wicked”) Nephites. Or between the fleshpots of Egypt and the stews of Babylon, or between the land pirates and the sea pirates of World War I, or between white supremacy and black supremacy, or between Vietnam and Cambodia, or between Bushwhackers and Jayhawkers, or between China and Russia, or between Catholic and Protestant, or between fundamentalist and atheist, or between right and left—all of which are true rivals, who hate each other.

    A very clever move of Satan!—a subtlety that escapes us most of the time. So I ask Latter-day Saints, “What is your position frankly (I’d like to take a vote here) regarding the merits of cigarettes vs. cigars, wine vs. beer, or heroin vs. LSD?” It should be apparent that you take no sides. By its nature the issue does not concern you. It is simply meaningless as far as your life is concerned. “What, are you not willing to stand up and be counted?” No, I am not.

    • Jordan
      Jordan December 13, 2022

      Ah… Nibley!

      LSD or LDS?

  2. Les
    Les December 14, 2022

    Avatar: The Last Airbender is the best cartoon of all-time. This is not something I am just throwing out there, it’s just that good.

    Avatar the film (Dances with Wolves in space) is not a great film. Like Bobby, I only saw the film in theaters. I will see the sequel, but Bobby is right that it is probably the same story as the first film. I’ll return and report.

  3. Les
    Les December 15, 2022

    Listening piecemeal here and I have to say I am disappointed that Bobby gave full credit for the “no stinking badges” line to UHF (1989). It originates with Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) and is first parodied in Blazing Saddles (1974).

    • Bobby Fludd
      Bobby Fludd December 16, 2022

      I quoted UHF’s parody line, “we don’t need no stinking badgers.” Then I attributed the original to “something something Madre” because I could not remember the name of that film.

        • I play the radio
          I play the radio December 20, 2022

          We should note that a later parody of the line was made by Beavis and Butthead, specifically in reference to their not needing hall passes at school. I’ll admit that this was my first exposure to the line.

  4. Dmitri
    Dmitri December 17, 2022

    Jordan, my friend. When I send you direct messages, it’s not an alternative method of commenting on the website, but simply just meant for you…though you’re fine to judiciously share with others as you choose. If I listen to a given episode, it’s typically postponed–so good timing for relevant comments has often passed, anyway.

    No offense taken. Just please don’t group me among the Billie Eilish fans…that would cross a line. I’m much more bothered by the “indie” music term, rather than “pop,” as the former often encourages streaming apps to misunderstand my preferences.

    It certainly seems like there’s a lot of gratuitous price gouging going on these days, well beyond inflationary pressures. It’s easier to avoid scrutiny when everyone’s doing it. I went to Chipotle yesterday: $44.00 for two mediocre burritos and drinks, with a small number chips to share. Looks like they’re trying to not be outdone by your precious JCW’s.

    Shrinkflation really struck me hard when I opened an overinflated 11.5 oz. “party size” back of chips. Now that is a very small and sad “party.”

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