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Episode 118 – Razor’s Edge

Back in more serious form today, Bobby and Jordan discuss the Silicon Valley Bank failure, new, or rather, old revelation on the January 6th protest and other various important current events and their implications.

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Language Warning: (AI D&D with Presidents)


  1. Whitaker
    Whitaker March 15, 2023

    Still haven’t made it through White Noise.
    Also, you mentioned the 1918 Spanish flu. I recently read this article and found it interesting. I have heard people say the Spanish flu could have been bad as a result of vaccines, but I hadn’t heard about mega dosing aspirin causing problems:

  2. I play the radio
    I play the radio March 15, 2023

    “Suave Lukraine”
    “As important at toilet paper is, you could get along without it”
    “Your subversive activity has been logged”
    “This is just church on a weeknight”

  3. Pepe LePew
    Pepe LePew March 16, 2023

    I want to thank the Mind Virus Show for an AWESOME T-shirt. I encourage all the listeners to submit stories. Bobby and Jordan will put a spin on it to make it fun.

  4. Feedingthehungry
    Feedingthehungry March 22, 2023

    I started and finished White Noise. Got distracted or fell asleep somewhere in the middle. I think a study of archetypes could help make sense of the shows themes. Child : loss of innocence. Victim: loss of self esteem. Prostitute : loss of faith. Saboteur: loss of choice. Traumatic events change people in different ways depending on what archetype is running the show in their mind.

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