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Episode 129 – Living through Alma

Join us today as Bobby and Jordan discuss the upcoming war, and how our geopolitical-societal situation strangely mirrors the events of the books of Alma and Helaman in the Book of Mormon.

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  1. Dr Nick Riviera
    Dr Nick Riviera May 30, 2023

    Just as a fun illustration of how control of the narrative shifts the perspective of the reader, I had ChatGPT write the story of the Nephi-Laban incident, as though it were a news story with a pro-Laban slant. I found the exercise thought provoking… Enjoy:

    High-Stakes Confrontation: Nephi’s Violent Encounter with Righteous Laban Shakes Community

    In a shocking incident that has left the community reeling, a man named Nephi has been implicated in a violent confrontation with Laban, a respected figure known for his integrity and righteousness.

    The incident, which unfolded under the cover of darkness, has raised serious concerns about Nephi’s dangerous criminal tendencies and the moral implications of his actions.

    According to eyewitness accounts, Nephi, a known troublemaker with a history of questionable behavior, allegedly confronted Laban in an attempt to seize valuable possessions. The encounter quickly escalated into a physical altercation, with Nephi resorting to violence to achieve his objectives. Laban, known for his commitment to justice and upholding the law, bravely resisted Nephi’s advances.

    Supporters of Laban argue that he was well within his rights to defend himself against Nephi’s unlawful intrusion and violent actions. They highlight Laban’s adherence to the established legal and moral codes as evidence of his righteousness, casting doubt on the motives and character of Nephi.

    In the aftermath of the confrontation, Nephi reportedly seized Laban’s possessions, including a set of ancient records. This act of theft, viewed by many as a violation of the law and an affront to personal property rights, has further cemented Nephi’s image as a dangerous criminal.

    As the investigation unfolds, questions arise regarding Nephi’s true intentions and the moral justifications behind his violent behavior. Laban’s supporters argue that Nephi’s actions cannot be justified under any circumstances, highlighting the need for a thorough examination of the events leading up to the confrontation.

    Disturbingly, reports have also emerged linking Nephi to a string of kidnappings involving multiple individuals. Among the victims are Zoram, a trusted associate, Ishmael, a respected community member, and even Ishmael’s daughters. Authorities have classified Nephi as armed and extremely dangerous, urging the public to exercise caution and report any sightings or information related to his whereabouts. The safety and well-being of the community are of paramount importance, and efforts are underway to bring Nephi to justice and hold him accountable for his actions.

    • TBM
      TBM May 31, 2023

      …Nephi, a Manasseh-supremacist and pro-egyptian separatist…

  2. TBM
    TBM May 30, 2023

    I’ll make the MASH theme song even more iconic: look at the lyrics

    Through early morning fog I see
    Visions of the things to be
    The pains that are withheld for me
    I realize and I can see

    That suicide is painless
    It brings on many changes
    And I can take or leave it
    If I please

    The game of life is hard to play
    I’m gonna lose it anyway
    The losing card I’ll someday lay
    So this is all I have to say

    Suicide is painless (suicide)
    It brings on many changes
    And I can take or leave it
    If I please

    The sword of time will pierce our skins
    It doesn’t hurt when it begins
    But as it works its way on in
    The pain grows stronger, watch it grin

    Suicide is painless
    It brings on many changes
    And I can take or leave it
    If I please

    A brave man once requested me
    To answer questions that are key
    “Is it to be or not to be?”
    And I replied, “Oh, why ask me?”

    Suicide is painless
    It brings on many changes
    And I can take or leave it
    If I please

    And you can do the same thing
    If you please

  3. Edwin Wilde
    Edwin Wilde May 31, 2023

    It makes me happy that I’m not the only one that loves Better Call Saul. I haven’t watched Season 6 but I’ve been told that there isn’t a plan to finish it and Season 6 does not give a good conclusion. So that’s frustrating.

  4. TBM
    TBM May 31, 2023

    Saul finished and finished well.

  5. I play the radio
    I play the radio May 31, 2023

    “Dozens of people around the world noticed”
    “I’m a little gnome-maid that has fireballs”

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