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Episode 13 – Civil Disobedience

What constitutes self-evident truth? In this episode Bobby and Jordan continue the discussion on what makes a good society and the self-evident ideals that would support one. They wonder aloud as to the state of the majority of the American people. Are they buying the lies and deception coming from corporate media? Or what?

Referenced in this Episode


Jordan mischaracterized Biden’s use of the “n” word. Although he made racist statements, the one Jordan quoted was out of context. See these links:

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  1. Pepé Le Pew
    Pepé Le Pew March 23, 2021

    Jordan and Bobby I’ve been listening to most of your podcast and I’ve noticed audio issues, would you mind talking to the mic a bit closer? I’m either losing my hearing or you guys sound a bit far from the the mic. I’m tired of adjusting the volume. 🙂

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