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Episode 130 – Pride Before the Fall

As usual, Bobby and Jordan do a little envelope pushing in today’s podcast where the discussion centers around some of the more popular of the commonly known deadly sins.

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  1. I play the radio
    I play the radio June 6, 2023

    “I thought I was right over there. Now I think I’m right over here”
    “Prosperous people are righteous”

  2. Dr Nick Riviera
    Dr Nick Riviera June 7, 2023

    One more Bible story, as told by the your local communist rags.

    Illegal Distribution of Food: Jesus Faces Controversy for Feeding the 5,000

    In a shocking display of disregard for established laws and economic order, a controversial figure named Jesus of Nazareth has sparked outrage by orchestrating what some are calling an act of criminal food distribution. The incident, which occurred during a large gathering in a remote area, has raised concerns among authorities and economists alike.

    Jesus, known for his charismatic speeches and claims of divine authority, recently attracted a crowd of over 5,000 individuals who had gathered to listen to his teachings. However, instead of promoting personal responsibility and self-sufficiency, Jesus chose to undermine the established economic system by miraculously multiplying a meager amount of food to feed the entire

    Critics argue that Jesus’ actions set a dangerous precedent, encouraging dependency on handouts and disrupting the delicate balance of supply and demand. By providing an abundance of food without any regard for the principles of fair trade and commerce, Jesus has raised concerns about the long-term economic consequences and the potential strain on local food producers.

    Local authorities, alarmed by the unfolding situation, have expressed skepticism regarding the source of Jesus’ seemingly endless food supply. They are investigating claims of illegal agricultural practices and unauthorized distribution networks that may have contributed to this
    criminal act of food redistribution.

    Economists warn that Jesus’ actions not only undermine the principles of a free market but also devalue the efforts of hardworking farmers and food producers. Such indiscriminate distribution of resources threatens to disrupt the delicate economic fabric that binds society together.

    While some members of the crowd hailed Jesus as a compassionate and benevolent figure, others question the sustainability and morality of his actions. They argue that promoting self-reliance and responsible resource management would be a more prudent approach, ensuring a stable and prosperous society.

    Authorities are closely monitoring the situation and have vowed to bring Jesus to justice for his alleged crimes against the established economic order. They are calling for a thorough investigation into the origin of the food supply, seeking to identify any illegal activities or
    breaches of food safety regulations.

  3. TBM
    TBM June 9, 2023


    Have you played the new Zelda game? It’s fantastic. Still getting through the plot, but it seems as though there’s some sort of war among heavenly beings, and there are four intermediate bosses you have to fight–one over earth, one over air, one over water, and one over fire.

    Joseph Campbell had it wrong–there’s two myths: the hero’s journey, and the inverted cosmology.

    • Bobby Fludd
      Bobby Fludd June 10, 2023

      I have not. I’ve considered getting a Switch just for Zelda alone.

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