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Episode 135 – Based on Future Events

Join us today for a fun and hard-hitting podcast. Bobby and Jordan begin with a public service announcement and move to the important topics of the day, of course always looking forward to hearing from the listeners.

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  1. I play the radio
    I play the radio July 11, 2023 is Q Anon consanguine

  2. I play the radio
    I play the radio July 11, 2023

    “If you’re drunk, you’re not a good swimmer”
    “Based on future events”

  3. JLam
    JLam July 12, 2023

    I know the Ballards as well as other families involved in O. U. R., including some of the rescued children. They are the real deal and doing God’s work.

    Also, the version of Little Mermaid I was read as a child ends with her not becoming sea foam as is the common mermaid’s fate, but gaining a soul like humans for her unwillingness to kill the prince and his bride in their sleep. So, not so dark in the end.

  4. Skeptic Reader
    Skeptic Reader July 12, 2023

    The “Viral TikTok Boat Challenge Leads To ‘Instant Death'” story on ZeroHedge appears to be a case of sloppy reporting, regurgitating a rumor without researching its factuality. This is not the first time that ZeroHedge is guilty of such. It appears that the false story is what went viral, not the stated TikTok trend.

    Here’s one report to the contrary that was posted prior to the ZeroHedge report:

    While I’m not saying that TikTok users are collectively wise enough to not jump from a speeding boat, they have yet to start this trend. This story also has me wondering about the incidence of broken necks in water skier falls, or perhaps the other way around.

    • Jordan
      Jordan July 12, 2023

      Thanks for the comment. Zerohedge appears to have relied on an NBC Today story as their source. (They linked to it and pointed to it as a source.) Here is the link. Note the correction that Zerohedge would not have been aware of on the 10th.

      CORRECTION: July 12, 4:15 p.m. The segment that aired with this story has been removed after the official who blamed four deaths on a social media challenge has now said that he could not say the deaths were linked to the challenge. This article has been updated to reflect the latest information from Alabama law enforcement.

      I like Zerohedge because of its role as a “News Aggregator/Summarizer/Commenter.” And, of course, their red/black-pilled perspective… 😉 They rarely do their own reporting. They generally tend to promote stories and subjects that (in my opinion) better reflect what is actually going on in the world than the legacy corporate press. I think this is more an indictment of the sloppiness of NBC.

      Should Zerohedge update their story? Maybe? I wonder how many people they have on staff. It’s old news now.

      Here is something more recent that doesn’t appear to have made the corporate press:

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