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Episode 136 – Hangover

Feeling a little withdrawal from the festivities this weekend? Join Bobby and Jordan and they will soothe your symptoms–figuratively speaking…

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  1. I play the radio
    I play the radio July 18, 2023

    “I’d do it for fifty bucks a month, probably”
    “I’m a far right extremist because I exercise”

  2. Monte Montana
    Monte Montana July 21, 2023

    I agree that Trump can’t drain the swamp but I think he is being unfairly accused. Trump did not impose any lockdowns. Covid lockdowns were all done on a local or state level, not a federal level.

    Most people do not understand how DC works. Most federal employees are protected from being fired by the president .

    The president can fire cabinet level and deputy level employees. All others are protected. If you all remember what happened when Trump fired the FBI director James Comey , there was a week of nationally televised congressional hearings carried on every major network about how Trump should be impeached and how I it was the crime of the century. No way Trump could have fired Fauci and survived. Not a chance in hell. They were already blaming him for every death as it was.

    Anyone Trump did have the ability to hire was subject to approval by the senate. The senate was controlled by McConnel who told Trump, in their first meeting, who Trump could hire for cabinet level positions. ( Steve Bannon is the source). He was told that anyone outside of McConnels picks would not be approved and Trump would be impeached. Bannon said , he quit because he realized that nothing could be done from working in the White House. The president was powerless to do very much.

    One man cannot reverse this. The only chance would be to have an honest president and congress. I also think Trump was naive going into the situation and didn’t realize how bad things were.

  3. Monte Montana
    Monte Montana July 22, 2023

    Trump deserves a medal for getting us out of the Paris Climate Agreement, even if he hadn’t done one other thing. He also reduced funding to the UN and WHO. Also the only president in recent history to not start any new wars. It set the globalists back four years .

    The comments about how he would stop the war in Ukraine were not exactly the whole truth and misrepresented what he actually said. He said , “ he would tell Ukraine to make peace or they would get no more aid and if Russia didn’t agree to peace he would tell them they would escalate the aid.”

  4. TBM
    TBM July 24, 2023

    So…if you don’t spend an hour breaking down Barbie this week I won’t man the phones in this year’s mindvirus pledge drive, tote bags be damned.

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