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Episode 137 – Pie and Beer Day

What exactly are we celebrating in Utah on July 24th? And what does this have to do with Google engaging in full-spectrum mind control? Find out on today’s podcast.

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  1. Whitaker
    Whitaker July 25, 2023

    From what I’ve heard, the LDS church office building cafeteria has “pie and ear” day on July 24th. They apparently are against the mild barley drinks that are recommended in the word of wisdom.

    Looks like TBM’s demand for a Barbie episode wasn’t met so I’ll leave this review for him. For the sensitive, there are naughty words in it:

    • TBM
      TBM July 25, 2023

      Critical is usually great, but he missed the Straussian reading here. Barbie is aggressively, subversively, and probably unintentionally anti-woke.

      • Whitaker
        Whitaker July 25, 2023

        I don’t understand what Straussian means or how it relates to the Barbie movie. Can you please explain more?

        • TBM
          TBM July 26, 2023

          By Straussian I mean “reading between the lines for the hidden meaning”. Subtext. Above links are worth your time.

          For example, a Straussian reader of Nibley’s critique of the early Christian church may note that he was critiquing more than just the ancients.

          But back to Barbie: The situation in matriarchal Barbieland is one in which the surface reading shows all Kens are subservient to the Barbies. So Ken goes to the real world and discovers that men have rights and fulfilling existences outside of Barbies. And he discovers PATRIARCHY! Upon returning home to Barbieland, within 5 minutes all the barbies are fully onboard with patriarchy and become subservient to the Kens. The Barbies do this enthusiastically and willingly.

          There’s more like this, but my reading of the movie is that it is more a mockery of modern feminism than it is a feminist movie.

    • Whitaker
      Whitaker July 25, 2023

      I didn’t clarify what pie and ear meant. “Ear” is an ear of corn.

  2. Pepe LePew
    Pepe LePew July 26, 2023

    Great show! I made it through the whole thing. Can’t say the same for the previous two. Must have been a slow news week for the previous two.

  3. I play the radio
    I play the radio July 26, 2023

    Happy covenant cursing day.
    When I was a kid, my dad helped build a float for the Stake entry for the parade. It was “the first vision” essentially comprised of an Oldsmobile sized bush with some trees attached, two guys in their temple clothes, and a guy in our ward (my wife’s uncle Rick) standing on the seat with fake legs attached to create the illusion that he was kneeling. It won 3rd place, giving second and first place to Zales Jewelry and Zion’s Bank respectively.

  4. I play the radio
    I play the radio July 26, 2023

    “…not today buddy”
    “The point of fireworks is there’s a bit of… gunpowder”

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