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Episode 140 – Ignoring Reality

Living in my own world. Didn’t understand… Are we ignoring reality? How long can we as a society continue to ignore reality before we are unable to ignore the consequences of ignoring reality?

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  1. Dmitri
    Dmitri August 15, 2023

    Regarding the song/video “Everybody But You” that is being “sung” by a John Lennon AI: Only the video of John Lennon’s image and the vocal audio was generated with the help of AI. The lyrics and music were written by a person, not AI as stated in the podcast. While this mediocre song wasn’t created by AI, I don’t feel that AI will be creating music and writings equal to the best of humanity any time soon…(however, there is a lot of inferior human-created content that serves as a very very low bar).

    I’m not particularly worried about AI being exceptional in competing with humans (which has an awfully long ways to go when it comes to creativity), but rather the effects of using AI for things it’s not good at, and also the consequences of replacement that deprives humans of experience.

    An example of the latter: It seems that teenagers are generally not as skilled or experienced in verbally communicating with others, compared to prior generations. Many fast food chains are currently investigating replacing drive through workers with AI, instead of just upgrading a worn out mic and speaker. How will eliminating these roles, typically filled by teens, affect society? I argue that the experience a teen may get through dealing with the public in this capacity benefits society more than the equivalent work performed in dollars.


      • Dmitri
        Dmitri August 16, 2023

        There are a bunch of websites with articles about this video, but let’s just go to the source that many of them reference, the YouTube page posted by the same alias as watermarked in the TikTok clip:

        “I wrote this song a few weeks ago, but when it came to recording it, I realised my voice wasn’t quite right for it…”

        I don’t believe that you misunderstood the Twitter/X post–it appears that the post is incorrect. Incidentally, this Twitter user has 2.2 million followers, with hundreds of likes, reposts, and comments for this post, and also 1.2 million views.
        The supposed content creator has 155 subscribers and 36k views that are possibly a result of the articles. This seems like a case of misinformation amplification.


        • Jordan
          Jordan August 16, 2023

          No offense intended but “misinformation” is a garbage word made up by the statists and promoted via their corporate propaganda machine. It’s purpose is to destroy free speech. If what I stated was not correct then it’s incorrect. It’s an error and Jack got it wrong and I repeated it. If so then mea culpa. But rather than look into the source since I don’t have time right now I’ll just leave it at that and check out the other info later.

          • Dmitri
            Dmitri August 16, 2023

            I’d be interested at a future time to better understand your ideas around the word “misinformation,” a word that I have always understood to simply mean “incorrect information.” I don’t completely understand your description about its purpose and usage. There’s the word “disinformation” that carries the connotation of an intent to deceive others, but that doesn’t seem quite what you’re referring to.

            Regardless, my point of the original post is to help listeners understand the bounds of AI, and not to be mistaken about something it didn’t generate.

          • Jordan
            Jordan August 16, 2023

            You’re right as you usually are… but context matters. Both misinformation and disinformation are words that have been around for a while. I think disinformation has its roots in cold war Eastern Europe does it not? (

            See these two links:

            Both terms skyrocketed in use during Covid. Misinformation first and then disinformation after the vaccine was launched and there was so much push back. The use of these terms was coordinated by corporate media to attack speech (information), whether true or not, that was contrary to the statist narrative.

            I’m hoping to discuss the latest Mission Impossible (Dead Reckoning) next podcast with Bobby… I’m not sure which episodes you may have heard lately. We’ve recently touched on the issue of AI and you might be interested in the comments. Most recently: Most significantly the idea that Intelligence by its very nature cannot be artificial. (see D&C 93) … so everything considered AI is really advanced computing based on human bias in the end. The language modeling “AI’s” are getting really good. As we discussed, I think they’re easily capable of writing conference talk material. (a low bar really) They’re also good at mimicking/altering visual forms and audio … and even rhyming material. (See

            So when I heard the “Beatles AI” song I jumped to the conclusion that someone had also put together a solid algorithm for pop song creation. They do follow a formula. As you point out the song wasn’t that good. But it could easily be considered an artificial “mimic/composite” in Beatles style. In my opinion your point about (commercially or rather freely available) AI not being very creative or “that good” in general is a good point… As is your point about teenagers needing human interaction. Seriously… BUT … the big question remains: What is out there that might be “that good” … you hold yourself in high esteem and rightly so, but that Turing Test threshold has been passed in many places by machines already for much of the populace. Is it possible those who are more observant have been duped by this [NOT actual AI but rather highly advanced human-biased technology] in ways they don’t understand such that the populace is being manipulated in ways previously unfathomed? It’s MI:Dead Reckoning + Captain America Winter Soldier if that’s the case.

            Anyway I’m sure we’ll discuss this sort of thing on the podcast again soon.

          • Dmitri
            Dmitri August 16, 2023

            Jordan, you may very well be correct about the English word “disinformation” being from the Cold War era, perhaps it’s even taken from the Russian “дезинформация.” However, I doubt that it’s originally a Russian word. It seems to me that the handful of Russian words beginning with the prefix дез- are all borrowed from other languages. I’d guess that it was a French word prior to being Russian.

            I’ve certainly head the words “misinformation” and “disinformation” being used more often in the last few years, though I don’t give a lot of time or attention to much of what I casually encounter.

            I saw the newest Mission Impossible movie in late June … so, I’m ready (to at least not have the movie spoiled) for your discussion and dissection of it. I admit that it’s been a while since I’ve listened to the podcast–sometime around early summer, besides this week’s episode. I’ll check out #139 for the commentary about AI.

            I encounter AI fairly frequently in discussion; not really much of a surprise these days. As you say “‘AI’s’ are getting really good,” but “good” is relative. I presume that many people believe that AI, particularly the large language models in the spotlight, is better or more magical than it actually is. There’s a lot more than just an algorithm and data feed at work–an incredible amount of curation is being done on the backend by humans. There’s no doubt that AI will improve over time, but there are reasons to expect that the rate of real improvement will be less drastic than originally anticipated amidst the flurry of introducing ChatGPT to the world.

            A couple more thoughts to go along with yours:

            The approximate algorithms of catchy pop songs have long been understood by Max Martin and his fellow Swedes in the studio. (My personal tastes in music are considerably different from these “hits,” so I would say that the bar is low in the world of pop. 🙂 Nor is rhyming an indication of high cognitive ability.

            There’s also a significant difference between being fast, and being good. Let’s compare AI-generated content to the work of ‘A’ students, not ‘D’ students. Still, computers are very good at certain tasks, and have been for a long time. Incidentally, I have often seen predictions about robots becoming smarter than humans by 2025, 2030, 2045 … well, I haven’t yet heard about robots eating Tide Pods.

          • TBM
            TBM August 18, 2023

            I just want to say–I love the MVP listeners.

  2. I play the radio
    I play the radio August 16, 2023

    Holy crap! That’s my high school!
    Fun story: in 2004 or 2005, I was working as a delivery driver in a brown truck, delivering parcels on Salt Lake’s east side. I had a package for an administrator at my fair red and white alma mater. Since it was summer, deliveries were received through the front door, so I pulled up out front. I was surprised to find the front courtyard full of students, perhaps the year’s summer schoolers, who seemed to be practicing for some sort of dance. As I made my way down the middle of the courtyard past twirling, spinning, high-kicking, shiny happy coeds, the festive scene was brought to an abrupt halt…a stout man wearing a beret, yelling “CUT! CUT!! CUUUUUT!!! The music stopped. Silence pierced the air. I continued for the door without skipping a beat, for there was work to be done. The man in the beret glared. Dancers’ sweat dripped slow-motion through hot summer air. Emotional tension whirred in poignant thoughts and beating hearts . Zac glistened in the mid-day sun, Vanessa looking on longingly, helplessly in her saudade. While she stood musing, I delivered the parcel…promptly. When I returned to the courtyard, all were standing, in position, awaiting my imminent return. No one moved. No one smiled.
    As I drove off, I had musings of my own. “There were cameras. Big ones.
    I wonder if that was an actual movie I’ll someday see?” I’ve searched but never found whatever it was they were filming that day.
    I tell you thus story because, i feel like, somehow, we’re all in this together. I’ll find it someday. I just gotta stop sticking to the status quo, get my head in the game, bop to the top and find what I’ve been looking for and finally break free.

  3. Rebe
    Rebe August 17, 2023

    I Play the Radio…
    I remember when you told me this story years ago! Such a special day. You are too cool!

  4. I play the radio
    I play the radio August 18, 2023

    Yes, true story. And yes, I am “too cool” Mrs Radio.

  5. TBM
    TBM August 18, 2023

    This post is dedicated to the brave freedom fighters of the Mujahideen…

    Trying to figure out what’s really going on with the Taliban and opium…

    Some years ago a student who had fought in Afghanistan was telling me that the way things worked there, before the Taliban takeover, was that a poor farmer would get approached by Taliban and told that they needed to produce X amount of poppies for heroin else they would “shoot your son, rape your wife, and take your daughter.”

    But would the Taliban cultivate drugs against their values?? They certainly wouldn’t let one of their own shoot heroin, but different rules for exploiting the infidel.

    But where would they get the idea to become drug lords? Well, who funded and trained the brave fighters of the Mujahideen against the red menace?

    It seems odd that the Taliban would cut poppy production. And something seems off in this BBC article about it:

    >A large number of farmers have complied with the ban, and Taliban fighters have been destroying the crops of those that haven’t.

    They’re just destroying crops instead of beheading the farmers who don’t comply?

    >”You’re destroying my field, God destroy your home,” one woman shouts angrily at the Taliban unit as they raze her poppy field.

    I didn’t know you could shout curses at the Taliban without repurcussions. I guess this is truly a more kind and tolerant Taliban.

    >”I’d told you this morning to destroy it yourself. You didn’t, so now I have to,” Toor Khan screams back. She retreats indoors.

    >Her son is detained by the Taliban, released with a warning a few hours later.


    Maybe the Taliban is just moved into fentanyl, which is easier to smuggle?

  6. TBM
    TBM August 19, 2023

    I think y’all discussed the UT flag a while back–

    The NYT is a national communist rag, but they do a lot of good stuff too:

    How States Are Threading the Needle on Flag Design

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