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Episode 144 – Contemplating the World Since 9-11

Today being the 22nd anniversary of 9-11, Jordan and Bobby spend some time reminiscing about the extensive degradation of society in the last two decades. And they discuss what we can do about it.

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  1. I play the radio
    I play the radio September 12, 2023

    “Front row seat to stroke season”
    “Do you think that’s cherry you’re tasting?”

  2. Whitaker
    Whitaker September 13, 2023

    Please make sure you mention Demitri and Cox in every episode 🙂

    • Dmitri
      Dmitri September 16, 2023

      I glanced at the website to see what was discussed while I was away and encountered this intriguing remark. It’s particularly intriguing, since I haven’t commented at all on the last couple of episodes. If I, indeed, am the said [Dmitri], my curiosity is around “celebrity or infamy?” and whether I was mentioned in the podcast.


      PS to Jordan: None of the referenced links clue me in to the reason behind Whitaker’s comment, though I do like The Simpsons . . . and who doesn’t like those cute little earth pigs? We can’t still be talking about the Killers’ song, can we? Note that this is in no way attempting to strike that same nerve . . . you know the one.

      Incidentally, as I type this, Local H’s cover of “Wolf Like Me” is playing in the background. At the risk of starting another musical/lyrical debate on your podcast, I’ll say that this is one of my favorite songs about lycanthropy. Give it a listen and add it to your Halloween playlist.

      • Dmitri
        Dmitri September 16, 2023


        Perhaps these comments are going to get me a mention in the next podcast, for better or for worse. I aim to please. 🙂


        • Whitaker
          Whitaker September 17, 2023

          You were mentioned again on this episode and I thought it was funny, like it was becoming a theme; kind of like Bobby has made Cox a theme (the main difference being that you appear to be Jordan’s friend but Cox is not Bobby’s friend). I was grateful to hear later in the episode (after I wrote the comment) that Cox was mentioned, making my wish complete for this episode at least.
          I hope you can be on one of the episodes one day. If only to hear if there’s any accuracy in Jordan’s impression of your voice.

          • Dmitri
            Dmitri September 17, 2023

            Yes, it’s been fun and funny; this last round being attributed to discussion of an AI-assisted video. Yes, Jordan and I are friends, sometimes with a bit of podcast animosity for fun. However, it will always be lopsided–the podcaster has the high ground, à la Obi-Wan.

            As far as Jordan’s vocal impression of me goes, I think you’ll likely be disappointed if you were to hear me speaking English, but he may not be too far off in his Russian imitation.


  3. Robert Moser
    Robert Moser September 14, 2023

    Body bag conspiracy, coffin FEMA conspiracy, constitutional infringements, mummified (aka papier-mâché) aliens presented to Mexican congress, talking points on mental constitution of “President” Biden; mean while what truths are coming out, what else is is happening behind the scenes that the distract “masses” are being barred from seeing what “they” want us to see?

    • TBM
      TBM September 15, 2023

      Hot take: when it happens, they want to convince you that the return of Enochville is a hostile alien invasion.

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