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Episode 15 – Team Reality

Continuing the discussion about what makes a good society, Bobby and Jordan explore various themes and patterns that emerge from dystopian literature and film. They also explore the effects that widespread video gaming will create as society changes. All this and more as relates to current and upcoming possible events.

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Nose masks invented in Mexico. Get yours ASAP!

Another Shout-out to an Actual Search Engine


We conflated the content of three Utah bills and called them SB 195. The bills are SB 195 which limits executive powers, HB 294 which lays out the wind-down of emergency actions by the executive, and SB 107 which deals with restrictions on schools.

Prediction that came true

Bobby predicted loads of mask garbage… and we are seeing it all over in our community.

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  1. Benjamin Timm
    Benjamin Timm March 26, 2021

    Welcome to “The Omniversity of Those Constitution Types, YouTube Edition”. Available courses include: “Embiggen Your Resistance to Cognitive Programming 101” “Recognizing Jack-boot Thuggery for what it is: An Introduction” “Your Normal Life: A New Normal” “Because…Reasons: a brief discussion” “Sea Turtle Protection and You” “Science” “Survey of Government: What Have They Done for You?” “Project Completion and the Modern Man: a Practical Guide” “That’s Why They’re Called Managers 101” “Your Weird Brother-in-law and the Spread of Ideas” “I Feel Pretty Prepared…” “Speculation is Good Clean Fun: A Brief on Some of the Cosmos” and the course that started it all, “Not Wearing Your Mask (free course P/F).

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