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Episode 153 – Mass Hypnosis

What is going on with everyone these days? Does it seem like there is an overplus of people willing to riot for the latest thing corporate media has foisted upon us? Join Bobby and Jordan today for a discussion on this and other current happenings relating to the carpet bombing of the American mind.

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Derren Brown: The Assassin with Stephen Fry | The Experiments | FULL EPISODE

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This one starts at Dr Zaius.


  1. No one in power is ever held accountable, even when held before hearings, proceedings, or actually culpable before “legitimate” court.

    ‘Rules for thee not for me’ is clearly evident amongst our society.

    “When life gives you lemons” video that follows:

    What we haven’t learned before ‘rona and since is that the powers that be lives the above principle to a ‘T’
    When the truth of the Cabal is printed in the “TIME” magazine they don’t care they launch an advertising campaign, use the MSM to dirty the truth, create product lines, contract professionals and movie stars, and etc. “They” have gotten above us, our only hope is that of yesteryears

    • Jordan
      Jordan November 17, 2023

      Amazing video link there above about “when life gives you lemons.” Never heard of the show but the content was great.

  2. I play the radio
    I play the radio November 17, 2023

    B- “The printed scriptures I have are a little bit old.”
    J- “Well maybe they haven’t aged very well.”
    B- “Not like my comic books.”

    “There’s anti-vaccers in Idaho”

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