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Episode 159 – It’s a Wonderful Christmas Movie

In this episode Bobby and Jordan review not only the year 2020, but the important history of the last two centuries leading up to the events of this year which have proven to be a watershed moment for humanity.

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  1. Dmitri
    Dmitri December 27, 2023

    When my family discusses favorite Christmas movies, one which was absent from your discussion, but is certain to be mentioned is “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” “Christmas in Connecticut” is another among plenty of favorites that were not brought up. Some of those listed on the podcast would also be included, like “The Muppet Christmas Carol,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” and “Elf.” If “Star Wars Holiday Special” is ever suggested, it’s only as a joke.

    Bobby isn’t kidding about REI’s lenient return policy. About 15 years ago I was waiting in line to pick up an order and observed a guy in front of me returning a sleeping bag. He told the associate that he “didn’t want it any more after his dog peed on it.” The jumentous aroma substantiated his story. REI took the return, but did ask that any future returns be cleaned first.


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