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Episode 162 – Goodest Global Citizen

Do figures of authority just shoot you down? Is life within the business world a drag? Did your boss just mention that you’d better shop around To find yourself a more productive bag? Are you worried and distressed? Can’t seem to get no rest? Put our product to the test. You’ll feel just fine…

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For reference see Paul Simon’s Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine

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  1. Whitaker
    Whitaker January 17, 2024

    Listening now. Bobby you mentioned that Nephi being racist can’t jive with the Book of Mormon being revelation. But that’s the kind of thinking that needs to be in place to swallow the LDS narrative with polygamy. Nephi wasn’t racist and Joseph Smith wasn’t a polygamist. But to swallow Brigham Young’s polygamy, the appeal to Joseph Smith starting it is employed, even against the historical record of him repeatedly denying it, teaching against it, and punishing members who engaged in it. Don Bradley tried to reconcile it on Ward Radio recently by pointing out that prophets are actually scum bags and it’s okay because God works with flawed people. Nope.

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