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Episode 164 – Hypothetical Question

Hypothetically speaking, what if things in our culture were coming to a breaking point and one side had the option to jettison the other, which side would be the last one standing? Join Bobby and Jordan today and participate in the hypothesization.

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  1. I play the radio
    I play the radio February 1, 2024

    “The prophet hasn’t warned me about Aaron Sherinian”

    “we already have that figured out. Just conform”

  2. Rebe
    Rebe February 8, 2024

    The Family Proclamation is interesting. Very long story short, it wasn’t a revelation given to the leaders of the Church, however, the members and leaders alike treat it like it was a revelation.
    The way the Family Proclamation came about was in response against legalization of same-sex marriage in Hawaii in 1995. The law firm for the Church, Kirton and McConkie, wrote the Family Proclamation under direction of Dallin H. Oaks, who is also an attorney.
    Hawaii was in a battle for legalization of same-sex marriage and the Church wanted to be part of the lawsuit in opposition to same-sex marriage in Hawaii. The Church needed something in written form and presented to the Church that showed that same-sex marriage goes against the Church’s doctrine. They hit on gender also because the attorneys with their “prophetic” knowledge,
    knew that was coming down the pike. That is how the Family Proclamation came to be.
    That is a very short synopsis of how we got the Family Proclamation.
    This is similar to what happened with the Manifesto in 1890 against polygamy. Once again, that wasn’t a revelation to Wilford Woodruff, but was written by attorneys.

  3. Rebe
    Rebe February 8, 2024

    It would be good to remember that there is a difference between your average gay person and the LGBTQ agenda that is going on. It is very alarming what is happening in our country. With this agenda being heavily pushed and where young people and even children are beginning to question their sexual orientation or gender because of the propaganda being put out. But the everyday people and the agenda are not the same. You might be surprised to know that there are actually a lot of members of the gay community who actually are seeing what is happening and they, too, are alarmed.

    Our son is gay, and for the benefits one receives because of a civil union, he is married to his partner. We’ve talked about this a lot with them, and they are also very concerned about what is happening and they stand with us in opposition to this agenda that is being pushed. Our son’s husband said that he has talked about this with several of his friends who are gay, and they are bothered by what they are seeing, too.

    My son and his husband didn’t choose to be gay. They didn’t want to be gay, and at least for our son, he did everything he could to have it removed from him, but the Lord has a purpose for him, and our son is fulfilling that purpose to the very best of his ability. And we need to remember those people because in our frustration towards this agenda that’s being heavily pushed, we don’t want to be hurting those in the community that are not pushing it on other people and that are standing with us, seeing the darkness that it is.

    I just wanted to point out that there is a huge difference between that sweet, gay person in your ward, or for example, my own child and his partner, and the agenda that’s being pushed. Many outspoken persons who are not even members of the community themselves, are pushing the agenda the hardest. It is an effort to divide the people, and so we need to be careful the way we speak, because I for one actually have inquired of the Lord and have been given the directions of what I am to do, and I’m not guessing on what the Lord wants me to to do. I am against the agenda and the propaganda because I believe it is evil, and my gay son and his partner are right there with us in that view.
    That’s my two cents.

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