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Episode 174 – Specifeclipse

Bobby and Jordan are back together again after two weeks of solo shows. Join with them today as they use words to communicate ideas about specific things.

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  1. Rebe
    Rebe April 9, 2024

    I had a couple of thoughts.
    One, you are right, Jordan. The garment was not worn all the time in Joseph’s day, nor after his death. That came much, much later. It was temple ritual clothing, just as the robe, veil/cap, sash, etc..are. You did NOT wear the sacred ritual clothing when not performing ritual. The garment was made to go to the wrists, up to the neck, and down to the ankles, in one piece. It wasn’t a light weight polyester-cotton blend either. There would be no way you could wear that all of the time in the summer. You would get heat stroke! That’s because it was part of the ritual clothing.
    You mentioned that the garment is symbolic of the coat of skins given to Adam and Eve. Guess what? That is no longer taught in the temple. The temple went through more vigorous changes in February 2023.
    I will not reveal anything inppropriate to say outside of the temple. Below just explains what the garment is.

    This is what they used to say, “You have had a garment placed upon you, which you were informed represents the garment given to Adam and Eve when they were found naked in the garden of Eden…”

    That has been replaced with, “Each of you has had the garment placed upon you which is called the garment of the Holy priesthood. It is a symbol of taking upon yourself the name of Jesus Christ and is a reminder of your temple covenants.”

    The actual symbolism of it representing the Telestial body has been replaced. Light is being lost so quickly.

  2. Rebe
    Rebe April 9, 2024

    There is a reason that Joseph Smith is rarely talked about and when he is, it usually has to do with authority claims and priesthood claims. I believe it is because what he taught and said is different than what is being taught today.
    For example, you talked about how the Church says they are “building the kingdom of God” on the earth. The Church often points to themselves as the kingdom of God and quotes the prophecy in Daniel (and the D&C) as it being about the Church.

    What did Joseph say about that? Did he say that about the Church?

    “There is a distinction between the church of God and the kingdom of God. The laws of the kingdom are not designed to effect our salvation hereafter. It is an entire, distinct and separate government. The Church is a spiritual matter and a spiritual kingdom; but the kingdom which Daniel saw was not a spiritual kingdom, but was designed to be got up for the safety and salvation of the saints by protecting them in their religious rights and worship”.

    What the Church teaches about themselves today and what Joseph taught are out of alignment. You certainly wouldn’t want this Joseph Smith quote brought up in Gospel Doctrine on the lesson, The Church-The Kingdom of God on Earth.

  3. I play the radio
    I play the radio April 10, 2024

    “…bizarre nonsense in the awesome”
    “PowerPoint from on high”

  4. I play the ratio, yes, ratio
    I play the ratio, yes, ratio April 10, 2024

    Count Douchekoo is not, in his own mind, lying, when he says
    “We too can have a pillar of light one ray at a time”
    The Count here is simply relating what he’s seen, both in himself and in those in whom he places his faith. I remember when Oaks said “you’re not going to have an experience like Paul or Alma the younger. Those are rare and special occurrences given to prophets, that are designed to get your attention.” (Paraphrased)

    Matt. 23:13 ¶ But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.

    Often I’ve been told “let’s not get ahead of the Brethren.” The men who told me that meant it. They know their boundary; it’s just below the level of the red velvet chief seats. They’re downtown.

  5. Publius
    Publius April 13, 2024

    Denver Snuffer, the self proclaimed important one. Lol, gross.

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