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Episode 187 – Blithering Idiots or Liars

As we watch the public narrative surrounding Biden’s competency shift dramatically, we must ask ourselves, do they expect us to believe they are just figuring this out? They want us to believe they are blithering idiots rather than pathological liars. Amazing!

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  1. Publius
    Publius July 9, 2024

    Trump term was hardly fine. His cabinet was awful. Even if the Deep State pressured his choices, it only means Trump is actually pathetically weak.

    Put any other candidate and the election would be so easy. Should have done way better in the primary, especially now that Trump is again disenfranchising voters with his more pro-choice views being officially put into the party’s platform, probably thinking it would pull more independent women.

    If Biden gets replaced by anyone, other than Kamela, will crush Trump.

    The Church’s bit about all rights can be reasonably revoked in a crisis was definitely from Oaks. In fact, he said almost word for word the same thing in a speech around the same time as the Church’s announcement.

  2. I play the radio
    I play the radio July 11, 2024

    “…the woman who looks like a guy. What’s her name?
    That doesn’t narrow it down much ”

    “Go ahead and cut him loose, but be ready to issue a Silver Alert an hour later.”

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