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Episode 2 – What is Real?

In our second episode of the Mind Virus Podcast Jordan and Bobby address the question “What is Real?” in the modern digital world.

Modern media outlets promote nothing less than a religious orthodoxy. The podcast explores these concepts and how the dominant voices are branding large segments of the country as heretics. Heretical behavior that does not conform to the new orthodoxy is punished and censored from the public view.

Listeners may be interested in the breakdown of current events relative to material found in Revelation chapter 13 as new light is shed on what it means to receive the mark of the beast relative to being allowed to “buy or sell.” This discussion is found in the first half of the podcast.

The second half of the podcast (about 65 minutes in) further develops the subject themes as relates to the neuro-linguistic programming employed by the controlling class to influence the masses.

Mass Hypnosis:

Mass Hypnosis
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