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Episode 25 – Apocalist

Bobby and Jordan, once again, display their uncanny ability to tangentize while discussing the tenuous state of society. They then endeavor to list fun summer activities that listeners might enjoy before the apocalypse hits in earnest later this fall.

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  1. Odysseus
    Odysseus June 5, 2021

    So glad I was rightfully credited for supplying Jordan with the term “apocalist”… 😉

    • Sibilant
      Sibilant June 6, 2021

      Much better than “apocalisp,” or shall I say, “apocalithp.” 🙂 They may have already used all the best apocal[yi]* terms.

  2. Traveler
    Traveler June 5, 2021

    Utah Highway 12 travels through some beautiful country. The narrow spine that the road traverses, between Calf Creek and and Boulder, is called the Hogsback (though I’ve more recently heard some people omit the ‘s’).

  3. Cybermonkey
    Cybermonkey June 5, 2021

    “Right, so they’ve used cyber attacks…to disrupt the gas pipeline, and now food.”
    I feel that the attribution of the Colonial Pipeline and JBS cyberattacks to “they” (if “they” is understood to mean the “oligarchy” or “government”) is a bit presumptuous. Probably good old-fashioned organized crime ,in this case, against two organizations that have neglected the security of their network and computer infrastructure.

    • Jordan
      Jordan June 5, 2021

      Listen to Episode 8 – Hidden Picture. Read

      • Cybermonkey
        Cybermonkey June 10, 2021

        I have not listened to the episode or reviewed this website. I’ll take a look at both.

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