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Episode 29 – Visualizing a Positive Outcome

Bobby is back!!! In this episode/rant the two co-hosts discuss one of their favorite topics: all topics. And of course, conspiracy theory is at the top of the list. (Jordan’s audio does get better a few minutes into the podcast. Patience Grasshopper!)

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Un-alienable is the opposite of “alienable.”

A’LIENABLE, adjective That may be sold, or transferred to another; as, land is alienable according to the laws of the State.

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

UNA’LIENABLE, adjective Not alienable; that cannot be alienated; that may not be transferred; as unalienable rights.

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

Taking the structure of the adjective “alienable” we see that both it and the adjective “unalienable” are based on a verb. They are adjectives deriving from the verb “aliene” not the noun “alien.” Both are clearly describing an action … either “to aliene” or “to alienate” or “not to aliene” etc. 

ALIE’NE, verb transitive [Latin alieno.]

1. To transfer title or property to another; to sell.

Nor could he aliene the estate, even with the consent of the Lord.

2. To estrange; to make averse or indifferent; to turn the affections from.

The prince was aliened from all thoughts of the marriage.

In this sense, it is more common to use alienate.

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

One Comment

  1. Whitaker
    Whitaker June 30, 2021

    I was glad to hear you talk about Lincoln.
    Quick question for those who bought into the propaganda about him from their childhood: if it was okay for the colonies to secede from Britain, why wasn’t it okay for the south to secede from the north? The explanation I remember hearing was that it would be chaos! Like the chaos we have with Canada and Mexico? Doesn’t seem like enough chaos to warrant the death of a million people.

    Haven’t found the time to respond to your comment on the Florida building falling down Jordan. I’ve been looking into some things first. It looks to be a concrete structure.

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