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Episode 4, Part 1 – Predictions for 2021

In episode 4, boldly recorded Monday January 4th, 2021 instead of on or after January 6th, Bobby and Jordan predict the future … accurately?

Prediction regarding January 6th rally:

Bobby: Here’s a little side prediction, I think that Antifa will be there and that there will be some violence. I’m worried about that. There’s been some post election trump rallies in DC and there’s video of Antifa harassing Trump supporters … old women even…

Jordan: It’s a really significant issue. The question is how big of a presence the fascist-anti-fascists are going to make … So … prediction … big violence, little violence? What do you think? … Fringe violence? …

Bobby: … fringe violence…

Jordan: Well that’s a good question … is there going to be like a false flag? Are they gonna be dressed up like Trump supporters and defacing … ummm …

Bobby: … I think that’ll be harder to pull off because it flies in the face of the behavior of these … these rallies have been taking place all year all over the country and there hasn’t been really any problems. …

Jordan: So they’re gonna depend on the mainstream news to tell what really happened…. probably…

Bobby: Right.

Podcast 4 Part 1 – Starting at 26:25

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One Comment

  1. Pepe Le Pew
    Pepe Le Pew January 8, 2021

    Great podcast gents!! Listening to you and watching the events that are unfolding reminds me of the Roman empire times. Those were the good ol’ days (sarcasm). Nevertheless, I’m just waiting for the monkey wrench to be thrown out because I grow tire of control chaos.

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