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Episode 44 – Let’s Go Brandon!

The “Let’s Go Brandon” phenomenon is sweeping the nation. Bobby and Jordan opine on this and other topics, particularly the pre-telegraphed supply chain and food shortage we’re being told to expect.

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  1. Kenny
    Kenny October 13, 2021

    This episode and the Catherine Austin Fitts interviews linked previously discuss the idea of creating an independent civilization with separate banking, food production, etc. I would be curious to hear more ideas about this and how it could be established.

  2. Dr Nick Rivera
    Dr Nick Rivera October 14, 2021

    Hi everybody!
    Have you noticed that now that there’s some recognition of naturally acquired immunity, the talking heads are all pushing for those who have had the disease to “just get one dose”? All while pushing mandates, and applying them to younger and younger people. Am I the only one that sees this as nothing more than a relentless sales pitch?

    • Jordan
      Jordan October 15, 2021

      I have not heard that. Do you have a source?

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