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Episode 45 – Once You Know For Sure It’s Already Too Late.

Official discourse in the public square has reached a level of epic unreality. Bobby and Jordan discuss some of the latest craziness and then devote the majority of the podcast to practical discussion on how we can proceed individually and collectively to survive the ongoing destruction of our society.

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  1. Dr Nick Riviera
    Dr Nick Riviera October 20, 2021

    A gun is like a vaccine against tyranny. The only reason we are not currently situated like those in Australia is because we have some level of tyranny herd immunity. But like any pathogen faced with a vaccine (even a safe and effective one like an AR-15), there is intense selection pressure for variants that are resistant to the immunity we’ve developed. The tyranny we encounter here in the US at present is resistant to many of the traditional treatments and vaccines. So the question becomes, how do develop an improved vaccine to the latest variants? When and where do we get our boosters?

  2. Kenny
    Kenny October 21, 2021

    Thanks Bobby and Jordan! I appreciate the time you spent discussing my question. I had some interesting thoughts come to me.
    I think people would really struggle taking their entire food storage to the chapel and letting the Bishop decide what to do in a crisis. The current model of finances for both tithing and fast offering is based on the idea of opaqueness. People are okay with the Bishop’s (for fast offerings) or the FP+Q12’s (for tithing) decisions because they don’t know anything, they just trust. This trust model works okay in times of plenty. I am doubtful that in starvation level times, people would be nearly as accepting. I like the bit about your EQP being 9 meals away from a felon.
    The thought came to me that what we need is a community where people can jointly discuss and decide matters, even difficult ones, with transparency, patience, and common consent. And it seems that we ought to be practicing it now while times are relatively plentiful. Then you can be way more prepared for far tougher times.

  3. Bread Maker
    Bread Maker October 23, 2021

    If you guys could recommend things that would be good to invest in during these fun times we all live in, what would some of them be?

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