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Episode 61 – The Sagebrush Re-freedom Convoy

The natives are getting restless around the world. While the small percentage of the population unwilling to shake their mass formation psychosis continues to deny reality, hundreds of thousands of regular people are beginning to protest in unignorable ways. Bobby and Jordan explore the nuances of the situation including the history of similar activism in the wild West as they cover current events and weight the potential of how far the situation might go beyond politics.

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  1. Monte Montana
    Monte Montana February 11, 2022

    I have to disagree with your advice to consume sugar and exercise off the excess calories. This might work out for a while but will eventually catch up to most people. Sugar is basically a poison. It contributes to many diseases and tooth decay. Some historians have linked a significant decrease in lifespan to sugar consumption after it become widely available in places like 16th century England.

    Sugar gives the body calories but no. nutrients which will lead to nutrient deficiency, over time . It also inhibits the body’s ability to burn fat. A good keto diet will stimulate the body’s ability to burn fat but a good keto diet does not include chemical sweets. The bulk mass of food should be unprocessed vegetables which are high in nutrients and fiber but low in calories. The bulk of calories should come from natural fats. 20 percent of the diet should be natural protein.

    All artificial oils such as vegetable oils are detrimental to health and should be avoided. They might be worse than sugar. They are also calorie dense with no nutrients. Our bodies have not been made to eat artificial food as you point out about the artificial meat. Vegetable oils are not a naturally occurring food and are processed using toxic petroleum solvents.

    Sugar and vegetable oils are very hard to avoid if you eat any restaurant prepared meals or any prepackaged foods. Don’t out source your health to a corporation, if you can avoid it.

  2. Dr Nick Riviera
    Dr Nick Riviera February 14, 2022

    The trucker convoy reminds me of an incident right in our own backyards in Lehi. The UTA rail line for frontrunner essentially cuts the city in half. One afternoon, there was a mechanical problem with the train while it was blocking a key crossing. Traffic backed up. Huge mess. Eventually the police arrived, and started flexing at the UTA engineer. All kinds of threats – fines, arrest, etc. The engineer calmly approached the officers, offered his wrists for the handcuffs and said “Arrest me.” And after a short pause, added “… But who’s gonna move the F$#&@#$ train?” The officers left him to his work.

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