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Episode 66 – What We Are Told To Believe

Bobby pioneers new territory today as he flies solo on the podcast. Listen in as he analyzes the narratives we are supposed to believe as the story has switched from covid to Ukraine.

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Update 3/22/22 – What was Bobby’s point?

In the next episode, episode 67, Bobby elaborates on what his point really was in this solo podcast. First there are no good guys. This Ukraine / Russia conflict is not a black knight and white knight battling things out. This is just evil fighting evil. And also, be aware that this situation is just a part of the controlled demolition of society that is going on. Finally, be very cautious of anyone who presents themself as a savior in this situation.

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  1. Jordan
    Jordan March 16, 2022

    Bobby!!! Nice work going solo. The pic of the girl with the shotgun is epic PROPAGANDA! 12 gauge – The RECOIL would knock her over. It’s bigger than she is. A made for TV/Internet war… for sure. This is great advertising for the 2nd amendment though.

    There is a war going on … it’s a war for your mind.

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