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Episode 72 – More on Psychosis

In this episode, Jordan and Bobby explore some of the more interesting aspects of the delusions gripping our society. This journey through history and current events culminates in a discussion of the potential for food shortages later this year and other preparedness ideas.

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Marxists Seek to Destabilize American Society Through Sexualization of Young People: Expert

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  1. I play the radio
    I play the radio April 27, 2022

    “Create labels and attack the labels”
    “KSL, the local Communist rag”

  2. Feedingthehungry
    Feedingthehungry April 28, 2022

    Buy the old books!

  3. TBM
    TBM April 28, 2022

    Well, y’all asked for a preparedness item, and I want that t-shirt, so…

    Don’t forget that marital satisfaction will be more important than ever in the end times, and electricity may be scarce:

  4. Pepe LePew
    Pepe LePew April 28, 2022

    Here’s a tip…As a young child in the south, I remembered washing clothes by hand and saving that water to flush the toilet. Hardly anything went to waste while I was growing up.

  5. Cory
    Cory April 28, 2022

    Just going for the T-Shirt! 🙂 A prep item that we have in our food storage that others usually don’t is a 5 gallon bucket of mixed candy (ranges from hard candy like jolly ranchers to candy bars), it’s the one thing that we rotate very regularly. 🙂

    Loving the podcast! Ever think about doing two a week? Just sayin.

  6. JLam
    JLam April 28, 2022

    I’ve got three items: urine tests, a clothes washing hand-cranked wringer, and rope/string.

  7. Dr Nick Riviera
    Dr Nick Riviera April 29, 2022

    Hi everybody! I came here to point out condoms as the overlooked preparedness item; but it seems TBM beat me on that angle. So instead I’ll say socks. Thick wool socks.

  8. Squirrelly Squirrel
    Squirrelly Squirrel April 30, 2022

    As your list of items suggest, pretty much anything that is regularly consumed should be within your reserves, not just for times of economic collapse, but also for shopping convenience and flexibility during times of abundance.

    I’ll add “baby items” to your suggestion list, particularly for those with small children. Diapers especially, but also things like ointments and other common consumables. If things get really bad, it would be very prudent to have a supply of cloth diapers. These will become very useful under dire circumstances.

    Candles and matches, along with other fire starting implements, will be very appreciated if electricity becomes unreliable.

    You mentioned “tapes” — Specifically, be sure that you have plenty of duct tape (or “duck tape” for all you waterfowl aficionados) in your supply. There’s a reason for its reputation of being able to fix anything and everything.


  9. A Red Vine
    A Red Vine May 3, 2022

    It was never an outright dislike or conversation about the voices and the singing, but perhaps some poorly concealed body language in the form of SLIGHT and occasional eye rolling. To quote a classic favorite,” Never trust a 15-year-old when accuracy is on the line.”

    As for the emergency storage question: dried fruit, canning lids, chia seeds (can be used as egg substitute). Also red vines.

  10. I play the radio
    I play the radio May 4, 2022

    Prep: fuel and blinker fluid

  11. Pepé Le Pew
    Pepé Le Pew May 4, 2022

    why would you want condoms? Just pull out!!!! 🙂

    • I play the radio
      I play the radio May 5, 2022

      I pulled these from the internet. Numbers 8, 9, 10, and the second number 10 are questionable (as is his ability to use a numbering system that goes to 13). Don’t do #8. P.S. If you’re thinking this lust reads like a Beastie Boys song, you’re right.

      1. To protect your cellphone from getting wet when you’re out and it’s raining or hiking
      2. Filled with ice and frozen to use as ice packs in boxing
      3. For cleaning CDs
      4. As a slingshot
      5. As water balloons or to store water
      6. To polish your boots and shoes
      7. Over the barrel of a rifle when it’s raining – you don’t even have to take it off to shoot
      8. To prevent bait from washing off the hook while trawling for fish. Simply pull the condom over the bait after it’s attached to the hook. Cut the ends of and voila!
      9. The lubricant is great for dry hair
      10. When swimming, used as a condom to protect against small catfish called candiru that are attracted to urine and blood (and like to travel up the urethra).
      10. To smuggle drugs inside the body
      11. Archaeologists use them to collect water samples from stalactites for research (see pic above)
      12. To protect microphones in transit (using non-lubricated ones)

      • Whitaker
        Whitaker May 6, 2022

        For cleaning CDs?

      • Squirrelly Squirrel
        Squirrelly Squirrel May 6, 2022

        I don’t know which Beastie Boys songs you’re listening to, but “Fight For Your Right” would make a good episode title for this podcast.

        Fill a condom with water, mold it into a globe shape, and you’ve got a great contraption for focusing the sun’s rays to start a fire.

        Condoms are part of the survival tool trifecta. Equipped with a Swiss army knife, a roll of duct tape, and a pack of condoms, MacGyver was prepared for any challenge that came his way!

    • Dr Nick Riviera
      Dr Nick Riviera May 12, 2022

      Why not just pull out? I’ll introduce you to my oldest child sometime… My results speak for themselves.

  12. The GreatestGambler
    The GreatestGambler May 6, 2022

    James Wesley Rawls books and vlog cd for reference
    Old school carpentry kid with modern adhesives wire nails glue duck tape
    Saddles and pack equipment
    3 33 critical time frame in catastrophe days weeks months

  13. Whitaker
    Whitaker May 7, 2022

    Night vision, candles, lighters, vodka or other string alcohol (as currency), something to black out your windows in case you want to light your house at night and don’t want others to know anyone’s there and that you have supplies. For that reason, I’d think having a gas generator would just broadcast to everyone that you are a great target. You can get batteries and solar panels to charge them during the day to stay quiet.

  14. Cory
    Cory May 9, 2022

    Ok, just so we can hit 20 and it is a must have, travel sized book of mormon or scripture set should be included. 🙂

  15. Rulon
    Rulon May 16, 2022

    Here are a few:

    -Extra shoes for kids and adults. Don’t forget to store some bigger sizes of shoes for when the kids feet get bigger.
    -Rain water catching system

  16. Micslicky
    Micslicky May 26, 2022

    San Dimas High School football rules!

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