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Episode 79 – Air Pocket

It seems that as a society we are in the eye of the storm this summer. Today Bobby and Jordan postulate on how we could spend our time improving our situations. Feel free to share you ideas by commenting.

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But choose wisely, for while the true Grail will bring you life, the false Grail will take it from you. … He chose… poorly.

Grail Knight – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


  1. TBM
    TBM June 14, 2022

    Jordan , I’ll have you know that I am not listening to the podcast while watching TV–I don’t have the attention span to listen to 2 things at once. I listen in the car, in the shower, and while walking the dog.

    • Jordan
      Jordan June 14, 2022

      In all these cases you’re still doing something else at the same time. I guess none of these require you to “THINK” … Driving a car … Stay safe out there.

      In one of his fascinating scientific survey books, this time deal ing with the latest discoveries about the brain, Nigel Calder notes, “Two of the most self-evident characteristics of the conscious mind [are that] . . . the mind attends to one thing at a time, [and] that, at least once a day, . . . the conscious mind is switched off.”1 Both of these operations are completely miraculous and completely mysterious. I would like to talk about the first of them. You can think of only one thing at a time! (Hugh Nibley)

  2. Whitaker
    Whitaker June 14, 2022

    You didn’t edit that part out about companionship inventory like you said you would. I’m glad you left it in.

    Since you asked for it, here’s my experience with commuting to work on a bicycle. It was a great way to force myself to get exercise. I really appreciated experiencing nature sometimes even if it was uncomfortable. It was kind of exhilarating riding in a thunderstorm. Riding on freshly fallen snow was my favorite. I preferred riding in the cold after the first few minutes when I was warmed up. It takea careful thought to balance staying warm enough but not getting too hot. The people at work who saw me arrive with just two shirts on didn’t understand this concept. Sure, I could put on a coat but then I’d be soaked with sweat and miserable by the time my ride was over. I think it was below 20 degrees when I started to wear a ski mask. One year I rode to work when it was 0 degrees and I was warm enough but it was hard on my lungs and I didn’t fully recover until spring. The biggest risk is with the car drivers. The worst place I ever rode a bike was in Provo Utah when attending the BYU. Lots of close calls with cars there.
    If more people are going to be called on to ride their bike to work, ideally their office would have a shower room. I was glad to have that option so I didn’t start the first half hour of my day all sweaty.

    • Jordan
      Jordan June 14, 2022

      “The BYU” … Awesome!

  3. I play the radio
    I play the radio June 15, 2022

    “You’re going to need that two bucks”
    “Living on stimmies and doing what you’re told”

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