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Episode 82 – The State of Movies Today

The narratives we consume rule our existence. We are dominated by the stories that permeate our society. Today Bobby and Jordan discuss symbol and narrative and as usual meander through a variety of relevant topics as relates to narratives in literature and movies today.

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Bobby sent me the above video which was posted the same day we released this podcast. My reply:

Equivocation isn’t it?

I understand the philosophical angle he is taking… and as a professor of such topics, I guess he’s entitled to do that… but when someone asks the question, “Do you believe in God?” pretty much everyone knows what you’re asking.

While he struggles to explain his struggle with the question, he simultaneously is struggling with the issue of theodicy. In my opinion, he doesn’t see the issue through the correct narrative lens. Narratives rule our minds.

I’m sure if we haven’t already, we’ll be discussing theodicy and narrative much more in future podcasts. Jordan P. doesn’t seem to want to directly admit belief in the god he thinks might exist. Is he searching for a “correct understanding of his character perfections and attributes?” Is he scared that he is not living a moral life? Make note of his final comments: “I mean, there’s a heavy moral burden that comes along with that [saying I believe in this], just allowing yourself to utter the words without feeling that you should be immediately struck down appropriately by lightning. Well and so I think that’s why that question makes me uncomfortable.” Perhaps Jordan P. hopes to make us think more deeply on the subject? Perhaps the question one should pose to him is this? “What kind of a god do you believe in that would make you behave and speak so?”

— Jordan


  1. I play the radio
    I play the radio July 6, 2022

    “We grilled meat…real meat, not bugs”
    “I thought it was a kids movie because my kids were watching it”

  2. Big Al
    Big Al July 6, 2022

    Unanswered questions from today’s podcast. What makes an epic love story? Is it similar to the hero’s journey? What should be the components of the archetype that points to the divine pattern?

    Here some ideas: good love story— two people that are “good” separately and together— meaning maintain individuality but also have good chemistry.
    So in the Princess Bride, is that a good love story because both are compelling characters in their own right and are both involved in their own challenges. Both have their own wants and needs, etc.

    Also, why do you think we are seeing fewer epic love stories in our media?

    • TBM
      TBM July 6, 2022

      I think of 2 archetypes for epic hero’s journey romance–

      1. The one in which both lovers raise each other up, alternating the roles of Hero and Mentor, or take turns being the first to complete each step in the journey. Think of Mary Magdalene preparing the Lord for burial, followed by his attaining to the resurrection.
      2 The redemption of the wayward spouse — the story of Jesus as bridegroom and the ekklesia or Israel as bride– and the eternal patience and mercy of the Lord. I saw a version of the Orpheus and Eurydice epic adapted in this way in the Broadway musical Hadestown, in which rather than being bitten by a snake and killed, Eurydice willingly sells herself into the deathworld for promises of material security, and Orpheus jumps into the underworld to save her.

  3. Big Al
    Big Al July 6, 2022

    Vote for more discussion like today— the deep dive into books like Harry Potter sounds great. I would re-read the books along with the show!

    • TBM
      TBM July 7, 2022

      I would be totally down for a Harry Potter series.

  4. TBM
    TBM July 7, 2022

    Bobby–how bout a podcast on video games and esotericism?

    • TBM
      TBM July 7, 2022

      I think I meant that comment for Jordan–I keep forgetting who’s who.

  5. Dr Nick Riviera
    Dr Nick Riviera July 11, 2022

    I’d be down for more content on quality movies or books — Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix.

  6. Cory
    Cory July 13, 2022

    Definite vote for Harry Potter Reviews! Also along the lines of subjects for future episodes, how about a deep dive on Revelations and end of days with focus on the sign of the times etc and where your best guesses are as to where we are at!

    Love the podcasts, keep up the great job!! Still think you should do two a week! 🙂

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