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Episode 95 – Telling the Story

In this fun episode, Bobby and Jordan opine on the finer points of what makes a good story by picking up where they left off last week–The Chosen and the New Testament.

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  1. TBM
    TBM October 3, 2022

    18 minutes or so in–

    The reason I brought up the question of whether the Romans were ancient Nazis was that I thought it had come up in the podcast somewhere last week about how evil the Romans were.

    I’m only about 5 episodes into The Chosen so I can’t say much about how they’re portrayed there.

  2. TBM
    TBM October 4, 2022

    The. Combat of Adam and Eve would be an absolute banger of a TV series–every episode has Satan coming up with a new scheme to kill A&E.

  3. I+play+the+radio
    I+play+the+radio October 6, 2022

    “Even the Bible, we should not consider to be the Bible truth”
    “History… it’s just one damn thing after another.”

  4. I+play+the+radio
    I+play+the+radio October 7, 2022

    After being gifted four or five DVD copies of The Chosen (yes, our parentals still use the CD/DVD format), My wife and I watched the first episode about two years ago. We were so turned off by their awful treatment of Mary Magdalene that we put it down…in the trash. It was also clear that it was a King James based production, so the satisfying act of dumping in the trash each copy was performed with a particular glow of impetuosity about our countenances; a radiance which shone brighter and brighter with each cellophane wrapped plasti-crystal case. We sat on the front porch midday the following Thursday, garbage day, to personally witness the next stage of their trip to the Trans-Jordan Landfill, pit #6; their final resting place nestled between a TGI Fridays doggy bag full of yesterday’s Jack Daniel’s chicken and your neighbor’s trampoline. Surely extra bottle rockets were used to scare off the ever present flock of seagulls, the venerable Utah state flying rat, as a sort of celebratory fanfare of fireworks, as the grimy lot was bulldozed over later that day.
    So, from what you’re telling me, I may need to go out there and dig them up for a binge. I’ll tell you right now, if it’s a Harry Potter Weekend on ABC Family, it may have to wait.

    • Rebe
      Rebe October 7, 2022

      Wow! Those are some strong words against watching The Chosen. Pretty sure I know you, I+play+the+radio. Do we feel like giving it another chance? I found some of those DVDs that are somehow still magically here, unopened with the cellophane still intact.

      • Whitaker
        Whitaker October 7, 2022

        Was this your every in the short story contest? Pretty fancy writing.

        I rolled my eyes at the treatment of Mary when watching the first episode, but that understanding is just what most people accept. It took me a couple sittings over several weeks to get through that first episode. People kept saying, “It’s so good! You should watch it!” But I found it… uninteresting. It took months to get through the 1st season and I think I’m done.

        One big concern with the show was that I didn’t want it to taint what I read in the scriptures. Because LDS videos did that for the Book of Mormon. The voice of a dumb, lifeless version of Nephi with pauses in awkward places in a church video I saw dozens of times when I was a missionary plays in my head when I read certain passages. “I did make bellows wherewith to
        blow the fire of the skins of beasts.” Ruined.
        Luckily what I saw in the Chosen didn’t really come from the scriptures. It was like scripture fan fiction, or they were just taking the time to develop the fictional versions of the characters.

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