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Episode 96 – Mr T’s Cosmos

In today’s episode, Jordan dialogues with friends of the podcast while journeying as a stranger in a strange land. The discussion ranges over a variety of topics.

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  1. TBM
    TBM October 11, 2022

    I pity the fool who doesn’t listen to this pod.

    • I+play+the+radio
      I+play+the+radio October 12, 2022

      As do I. So good to get to know you two better! Good discussion, and thanks!

  2. Bobby+Fludd
    Bobby+Fludd October 11, 2022

    You lost me with “I’m not interested in criticizing Spencer Cox.”

    • TBM
      TBM October 13, 2022

      Can’t wait til a court forces Bobby and Jordan to pay $965 million in damages to Spencer Cox for defamation.

  3. Whitaker
    Whitaker October 12, 2022

    You mention Joseph Smith was sealing men to himself. Do you have any sources for that? I see it brought up without sources.

  4. Whitaker
    Whitaker October 12, 2022

    Since you mentioned Fast and Furious, just wanted to throw in here that F9 (the 9th Fast and Furious) is an inversion. It’s a silly movie. They fly into space in a car.

  5. I+play+the+radio
    I+play+the+radio October 13, 2022

    T-shirt Tribbles:
    “Darth Vader is Luke’s father”
    “Are we being trifled with?”

    When it comes to the nature of God, one question that should be asked is “are we related to God, or are we not?” Mrs T’s comment/quote “God is not trifling with us” gets to this point. Most of Christianity would say that we are some type of unrelated creation of a bored God who, after eternities upon eternities of inactivity (since God is a complete being who/that has no needs, desires, passions, etc, and therefore has or enacts no actions), suddenly came upon the idea to create some people as an experiment to see if we would worship him. Upon examination, this idea quickly brings us to a discussion on the more closely related question of the origin of evil in the world. Is the 2Nephi 2 treatment of “opposition” a statement of that origin of evil in the world? Is the original intent of God to subject us to the evil we see here? Is this just a trifling test, or is our current state and sphere something different? And if it is something different, does that new definition more closely match the scriptures, and logic. and what we know already about the nature of God? And, if so, how necessary is that correct understanding and knowledge of God to our salvation and redemption?

    “Tribbles” see Star Trek, Season 2, episode 15

  6. Les
    Les November 27, 2022

    The grace period for spoilers can’t simply be when a series ends. That would suggest you could discuss things openly the day after a series finale. I suggest we need a few weeks (maybe months?) at the least. People need to be given time to catch up on their binging. For films, I would say at the very least during it’s theatrical release. Maybe a month or two after it begins streaming? So ~6-7 months after theatrical release?

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