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Episode 97 – Kill-Switch Money

Join Bobby and Jordan today as they give a running commentary on the ongoing apocalypse and other topics tempting and taunting the discerning listener’s mind.

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  1. Truman
    Truman October 21, 2022

    I think a point to consider is that we are already at war, it’s an economic war but clearly war. The actual shooting, bombs and physical violence will come. I think a historical military tactic, the castle siege, is quite similar to out situation. “Until about 1100, tactics mainly consisted of using firepower to break through the castle’s physical defenses or of starving out the defenders by blockade…. With the attackers already in place around the castle, and much of the land scorched, the likelihood was poor at best that reinforcements and additional supplies would safely reach the besieged. Attackers could then attempt to starve out the garrison.” (

    We are under blockade and being starved out. Some areas of the world are experiencing more of this than others. The guns and bombs will soon follow.

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