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Episode 132 – History Highlight Reel

If you could pull up any moment in history and watch the events of that moment unfold on the big screen from any various vantage point, what would that moment be? This question, and many other topics, are discussed in today’s podcast.

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  1. TBM
    TBM June 21, 2023

    Why should priests debate with laymen?

    It takes years of training in order to read the sacred scriptures and interpret them correctly.

    Do you really think an institution with several centuries of accumulated expertise is going to be out-thought by self-studied laymen with books? You think the priests could all be wrong?

    Priests have a sacred social role: to mediate the relationship between regular people and God. They does this through the administration of sacraments. These sacraments *have* to come ordained priests who have received training and approval from the ecclesiastical authorities. Otherwise, they do not have the power to save souls.

    Not only is it arrogant for individuals to imagine they know more than the priesthood, it’s actually socially damaging for skeptics to be heard. Regular people are easily tricked by sophistry, so it’s better for their souls to not hear such “debates.”

    Giving a platform to skeptical laymen will only spread social distrust and heresy further into the general population.

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