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Episode 160 – Accurate Predictions

2024 predictions are here. Yes, but are they accurate? You be the judge. Join in and listen as Bobby and Jordan review their 2023 predictions and make new ones for 2024. Post your predictions below in the comments section.

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I Play the Radio Prediction Notes for 2024

  • Ugh or rather Fugggh!
  • Japan Earthquake (late prediction)
  • A significant calamity will occur which requires open eyes to see.
  • Violence
  • An ugly election. Yes the election will happen.
  • NPR goes away or is too big to fail and is bailed out.

Bobby’s Prediction Notes for 2024

  • 2024 will be a wild year
  • Biden will serve out his term but not run again. Kamala will not run. Gavin Newsome will probably run.
  • The UT Jazz will finish about 500 (just under)
  • some sort of panic possibly economic collapse or cyber attack
  • Yes: Internet Shut Down this year … catastrophic … a cyber 911
  • More censorship on your phone and social media
  • The groundwork in the recovery of the cyber 911 will setup for a winners/losers system where not everyone gets back online. The groundwork and the shift is occurring, but maybe won’t be fully realized by the end of 2024. CBDC on the horizon.
  • Uptick in rhetoric from politicians and news media… they get angry and indignant that people aren’t listening to them. They really attack independent news sources
  • Ardern / Castreau wedding will be June 6th at 6 PM.
  • Christian Nationalism is made into a huge bogey man
  • Vague threats towards the Christian nationals
  • Civil war … we are already in a civil war (more localized), It’s a war for our loyalty … you’re either loyal to the state or you’re a threat to democracy.
  • We see the immigration catastrophe start to get serious … it’s impact is felt on a much large scale – Jordan agrees
  • 2 new apostles for church in 2024 – President Oaks takes over
  • A lot of change in the church
  • Cox reelected because it’s rigged – character assassination of opponents
  • 4th industrial revolution stuff in Utah, 15 min cities
  • Positive: Along with all this dark stuff, greater light and knowledge is expanding for many. It’s a great awakening and it continues.

Jordan’s Prediction Notes for 2024

  • Chaos in 2024 – You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
  • Control of information is paramount!!! Narrative control efforts are amped up.
  • Public really begins to realize they are not in control and the narrative is fake.
  • A whole generation disenfranchised
  • The oligarchy focuses on mind controlling the kids, education. See this interview:
  • Cyber 911 – Yes. Craziness on whole new level… yes. To control narrative.
  • Doubling down on the statist narrative
  • Crazy narrative control in the schools / universities
  • Probably not full on WWIII till end of year or next year. But possibly more direct war to cement official narrative to support the current Government’s claim to legitimacy (Armstrong said as much.)
  • We see the immigration catastrophe start to get serious … it’s impact is felt on a much large scale
  • At least one significant controversy for the LDS church … LDS church continues to degrade into mush slowly. …
  • A lot of significant change in the world
  • Utah – Cox reelected because it’s rigged
  • Cox will be saved in the narrative wave following the calamity
  • Agree Positive: Along with all this darkness, greater light and knowledge acquisition and great awakening continues.
  • Does Jesus come? Yes to a lot of people… but not yet in His glory.


  1. TBM
    TBM January 9, 2024

    My prediction: an explosion of stupid never before seen. Whatever the stupidest option is, that is the one society takes.

    Soooo…. Trump v Biden part 2.

  2. TBM
    TBM January 10, 2024

    Ok one more prediction: 10 tribes hollow earth theory is proven real. The surprising part is that the main hole was dug in what is present-day Brooklyn.

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