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Episode 169 – Time Law

If you could go back in time, what year would you go back to? And what would you do? Join Bobby and Jordan in this podcast for an engaging discussion on time travel that segues into law for some reason towards the end.

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  1. TBM
    TBM March 5, 2024

    I would go back and try to change the trajectory of the 20th century:

    Sep 1, 2001:
    Me: “Yes, FBI? Don’t ask how I know this, I just do, but in 10 days 20 Saudi terrorists are going to hijack planes out of Boston and fly them into the World Trade Center.”

    15 minutes later…a knock on my door

    Me: “Vice President Cheney?”


    • TBM
      TBM March 5, 2024

      Made this comment before you got to it in the pod.

    • Dr Nick Riviera
      Dr Nick Riviera March 6, 2024

      My strategy to change 9/11 would be to go back in time and go on a John Wick style killing spree… Maybe I’d get caught, but remember, I’m from the future.

  2. Publius
    Publius March 5, 2024

    The SCOTUS opinion about Trump being left on all ballots was simply that according to Article III, that power for federal offices is given to Congress, not the States, but the States do for their state positions.

  3. I am currently listening to the podcast between Wednesday and Thursday the week you put this podcast out. I am in the part where you’re discussing migration, illegal migration, and the plausible conclusions of our current situation. As it relates to this I have had this thought for sometime now. If you watch the last couple seasons of “Madam Secretary“. you will find Strange consistencies between the show, and the last five, eight, 10 years. I remember watching the show probably two years ago, and something that is sticking out in my mind… Virus! Something that is sticking out in my mind is climate control, climate change, global warming, plausible, deniability, news, and media cycle, and something the show came to call if I recall correctly climate migration. It has been my experience and everyone else’s whether we recognize it or not, that our attention is focused, and sustained only by a single event , crisis, economic downturn, economic, uptick, military, action, potential “viral” outbreak, pandemic, death to tickers. We see these things and have been conditioned to see them as one single, unrelated event or occurrence. When in fact, if we let ourselves be a little more complex , and begin to understand and interpret the connection between one thing and the other. The difficulty arises with questions like if the church is true, why are they doing or not doing one thing while saying or not saying the other? These are not just trying times and challenging times they are in fact complex . So complex in fact that the week and the tear Hass to be allowed agricultural to grow up together and then later be Reed together. Communism socialism, ism, ism, conservatism, conservative, ism, righteous and unrighteous bond, and free to grow up together and at some point be delivered from this experiment , in order to discover their origins of being wheat or tears. I do not believe that the fact that we are wheat and tears, individually collectively, or even within our own selves we have wheat and tear concepts and principles growing within each of us. Admittedly, I do not completely understand a complexities of all of this. But even despite my lack of understanding, it is not difficult to come to the conclusion that man is man and woman is woman when right is right and wrong is wrong. Do we not believe that we are all born with the light of Christ to discern between right and wrong and what is being done today is an infiltration of every organization, every government, every school and system and church and business and corporation and family to up with deception and confuse and contend with vitriol and without conclusion. I do believe that one conclusion can easily be made, and deciphered by eons of scripture and understanding that divide is eminent necessary and true Service, to one maker or two one watcher. We will either serve our maker, creator, designer, our savior, or we will choose to serve the watcher, the one who lies and waits to the seeds. The truth is not sad, but bold and difficult to swallow. The only sad situation as it relates to truth is that we have been conditioned to allow our common consensus to be converted into accepting and fondling, and now promoting And encouraging sin. There is a divide occurring. There is a divide that is necessary. There is a divide that has been predicted. There is a divide, and it is only through this divide that Satan can be bound the devil, the deceiver and the Lord will be allowed the savior will be allowed to ring in the true millennium. Anyways, food for that. Or bitterness to be sped out. I am voice to texting hence the long-winded this and possible grammar and language errors. Good luck with deciphering this message.

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