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Episode 170 – Self Loathing

Join us today as Bobby places his hand firmly on the electric fence and offends half of the world’s population. Who knows? You might secretly enjoy this conversation.

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  1. Publius
    Publius March 12, 2024

    Russell Nelson’s church name personal agenda has been a thing since 1990 ( and the following conference, then Elder Hinckley gave a talk that the nickname ‘Mormon Church’ isn’t that bad (

    About the Twitter Files, people seem to miss, or purposefully ignore, that Trump’s admin was also involved in collusion with social media companies in suppressing stories and getting accounts banned (although with lesser ears in these companies than the Left and FBI). He also threw Jan 6 people under the bus and said in a speech the following day that the book should be thrown at those arrested.

    • Whitaker
      Whitaker March 13, 2024

      The real Trump and the version of Trump that his supporters see are two very different people. But the real Trump and the version that those with Trump Derangement Syndrome see are also very different people.

      • Publius
        Publius March 14, 2024

        Very, very true. I have battled with both sides over Trump. I have to defend him and I have to point out his heinous flaws.

  2. Roberto
    Roberto March 13, 2024

    Hopefully a quicker thought than last week. Listening to your discussion about the DEI stuff and you mentioned different t Rans people. The thought I had was wolves and sheep‘s clothing. But if you overlay the speak of 1984 on this simple saying it makes for a difficult situation for the commoner, or the individual who just wants to go along to get along. The devil has converted wolves themselves into innocent sheep to the point that our society sees these wolves as sheep innocent, and now they get to masquerade in the light of day like sheep without having to put on the clothing. Thank you for letting me try to reason through these things out loud. And creating a space to do it , keep up the good work.

  3. I play the radio
    I play the radio March 15, 2024

    “Perhaps one of the best examples of the self loathing liberal white woman that’s destroying western civilization is Spencer Cox… he’s got more liberal white woman energy than the cast of The View”

    “You always have to create labels for people, then you can attack them for the label”

    “We found the prototype of Bobby’s misogyny”

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