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Episode 36 – Elephant in the Room

After meandering through a few various tangents and current events, Bobby and Jordan discuss the elephant in the room which is the letter sent by the LDS Church last week to all its members strongly urging masks and vaccinations.

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  1. Cory
    Cory August 18, 2021

    Good insight as always!! 🙂 For those still questioning the letter, the last 7 words are the most important: Handbook 38.7.13 states: “Ultimately, individuals are responsible to make their own decisions about vaccination. If members have concerns, they should counsel with competent medical professionals and also seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost.”

    • Jordan
      Jordan August 18, 2021

      Just for clarity… I think you mean the last seven words of the handbook section you’re quoting. Not the last seven of the letter.

      Seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost!!!

  2. Becca
    Becca August 21, 2021

    To answer the question of why the First presidency is coming out with this now, why would tell the members to get the COVID vaccine? For the same reason the Pope and Catholic Church are campaigning for the vaccine. To prove they deserve a seat at the table.

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