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Episode 57 – Pivot Point

Clearly the mainstream media is shifting it narrative and taking credit for all rational thought that is just now bursting through to the majority of the population. Yet they continue to protect the oligarchy narratives. Bobby and Jordan, if he can stay on task, discuss the particulars of this happening in today’s episode and speculate on what will be taught and how it will be received.

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Alethiaphobitis – The irritation at the fear of truth.

Jordan Bruno


  1. Dr Nick Riviera
    Dr Nick Riviera January 12, 2022

    “Pivot” is an excellent description of what we’re experiencing right now. SL County has their mask mandate, which I suspect was designed to create some credibility for all mask mandates, by issuing the order right as the Omi-cold washes over the population to create herd immunity. I believe their hope was at the end of it to say, “See! The mask mandate saved lives and prevented our hospitals from being overrun!” All of the public messaging seems to have changed directions, as you point out on this episode. If you don’t have whiplash, you haven’t been paying attention.

  2. Kenny
    Kenny January 14, 2022

    Since Angela Dunn won’t return your tweets about treatment protocol, I thought I would help.
    I have tested positive this week for Covid with what I assume is omicron.
    Kenny’s official omicron treatment regimen:
    2 ibuprofen, twice a day for 3 days
    The end – you will feel perfectly fine.

    Maybe I had an exceptionally mild case, but this thing is nothing. I don’t know that I exactly agree with your assertions early on that Covid was just the common cold. (The common cold has not had Fauci funded gain of function research). But Omicron is a breeze, at least for me. And the bounty-incentivized death count is zero.

  3. Dr Nick Riviera
    Dr Nick Riviera January 14, 2022

    You hear our favorite governor literally refer to what they’re doing right now as a “pivot point” in his press conference this morning?

    Also, glad to hear you made it through the omicold Kenny. I similarly beat it in 3 days, but my treatment protocol was a little different. A little iver, a little zinc, and I was good as new.

  4. Dmitri
    Dmitri January 15, 2022

    The Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas Day, December 25th, according to the Julian calendar. (This falls on January 7th in the Gregorian calendar that most of the world uses.) For much of the 20th century, Christmas wasn’t a significant holiday for most in Russia, largely erased by Soviet Union policy. Many common Christmas traditions, like giving presents and decorating a tree, were repurposed for New Year’s Day and continue to be linked to this holiday. While Christmas receives some attention these days, New Year’s is still the more significant celebration. (Note that Christmas, January 7th, is currently recognized as a federal holiday in Russia.)

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