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Episode 6 – Sherlock Holmes and the Question of Narrative

In Episode 6 Bobby and Jordan discuss the ongoing political theater developing in corporate news circles. While describing the scripted narrative playing out over the last many months, they address the potential for a false-flag attack on inauguration day and other possibilities for future developments. Other topics addressed: shifting narrative, blowback, security theater, well-planed setup on Jan 6th.

The wire-free invention was the game all along, imagine being able to control any device simply by sending a command via radio wave. It’s the future Watson!

Sherlock Holmes 2009

Jordan: The narrative is that something is going to happen on Wednesday… It appears that they have been setting up for that.

Bobby: I guess the question is magnitude and scale. Is it something that’s going to be thwarted?

Jordan: That’s the question. Are we at the stage where they’re going to thwart the threat or do they want to burn the house down?

Podcast Episode 6

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Bobby on the pandemic: Nobody really wants to answer this question, or ask it of themselves honestly. “If the media didn’t hype this up, would you know there’s a pandemic?”

Jordan: Everyone should be talking to their friends like that… help them understand.

Podcast Episode 6

The Harmful Vaccines – Sources:

Jordan on Democracy: The word Bolshevik in Russian means majority and it’s the absolute worst manifestation of democracy where an oligarchy induces a majority to destroy the minority. … the green armies were peasant armies that evolved in Russia… peasants who banded together to protect themselves. The Bosheviks came through in an organized fashion, burned their homes executed the peasants and stole their livestock…. These were just peasants trying to protect their homes and their lands.The Bolsheviks, the majority, comes in and takes away their rights.

Podcast Episode 6

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