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Episode 81 – Mockingbird

The terrible things we see going on in the world today are simply the symptoms of conspiratorial efforts to control our society that have been going on for decades. Tune in today as Bobby and Jordan discuss a wide range of issues from current events all the way back to biblical times.

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(Cosby is way [100x] better than Jordan’s recollection and improvisation.)

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  1. I play the radio
    I play the radio June 29, 2022

    “Be cautious about strangers that may approach you with plots”

    “Moonfish and Juice”

  2. JLam
    JLam July 2, 2022

    Remember a while back, maybe last year, there was a Utah law made or talked about being made that said no new gun laws passed by the feds would take affect here in Utah? What ever happened with that? And if it was passed, would it negate the Red Flag law?

    • Jordan
      Jordan July 6, 2022

      Please excuse the late reply. I don’t think that law passed. There was talk of passing such a law, but the actual legal effect of it was in question… i.e. whether or not it would really stick. Here’s a link to an article about the effort:

      The big thing is that the local law enforcement needs to be on the side of the local citizens, and protect them against persecution from the feds regardless of what laws get passed at the national level. Just because a law is passed does not make it moral. Right?

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